Journey Into Happiness


1-Day Online Event

The Journey Into Happiness is an event divinely orchestrated by Sri Amma Bhagavan.

It is an online, live streamed, interactive guided process that leads us on a journey of discovering the interior landscape that reflects into and creates our personal life experiences.

JIH is scheduled for one specific day every month, month by month.

The accumulative effect of participating in this process monthly amplifies the expansion of transformation, through the many layers of our being.

The guided process is a spiritually integrative, non-dogmatic process creating the sacred space of profound self discovery, healing, and transformation in your unique experience of life.

The JIH events are live-streamed from India, and the out reach is world wide with the vision of bringing an end to the internal pain and hardships of our life journey, through a very real and healing shift in our personal consciousness.

Awaken Your Unconscious to Conscious Awareness

There are basically two parts to the psyche of a human being; the conscious, or the part that we see and know about... and the unconscious, or the part that we do not see nor know about.

It is our unconscious that attracts and drives a large percentage of what happens in our lives! You know, those repetitive patterns that happen and happen and happen again?! They happen because our unconscious programs are attracting the experiences to us.

And there is hope!

The guided journey will take you on a path of bringing the unconscious to the conscious, where the personal awareness, intent to transform, and divine activates the capacity for the minds programs to shift.

Heal Heart Hurts

The large majority of our unconscious programming is related to painful experiences that have happened in our life journey. Many of these memories have become stored in our unconscious because our natural mode of survival stores them in the cracks and crevices of the inaccessible features of our being.

This easy to follow process allows you to safely uncover the truth of what is there, along with the resistance you have that keeps it buried and an active part of your current life creations.

The Divine intelligence that leads the JIH program creates the space for you to look into these crevices, face the buried memories of hurt, understand why they exist, release them, and experience the freedom of transformation and happiness, from pain to peace.

Activate Access to Your Higher Intelligence

When we uncover and shift the unconscious conditions that clog up our life, an absolutely amazing thing happens!

It gives way for a large capacity to tap into our birthright of higher intelligence and 'Journey into Happiness' because the background of our mind is no longer over-compensating for our unconscious problems.

This leaves a tremendous amount of room in our mind for internal peace and calm, working solutions, sharper focus, functional ideas, and a direct route for creating them.

Become an Important Member of a Supportive Community

This is not a program that chews you up and spits you out.

You will experience true transformation and healing, AND become integrated into an incredible community through online support grouping and numerous offerings for us all to gather in our virtual networks of many people from all over the well as our monthly Journey Into Happiness.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

This is the time to say YES!

Yes, to an improved life.

Yes, to the healing of hurts.

Yes, to higher intelligence.

Yes, to happiness.

Yes, to community.

YES, to YOU!